We’ve got something of a treat for you here, a new Str8 To Gay scene that’s slightly different to the others we’ve seen recently. In this one we get the full ‘gay for pay’ treatment with a genuine straight guy doing his first ever gay scene with a gay porn actor. The gay guy in this scene is Liam Rosso, a good looking cutie we last saw in ‘Thirsty and Hungry’ about a month ago. He’s fit and good looking and usually a bottom, though has just done his first top scene for Men.com. On the other sofa we have first timer Aaron Anderson, a straight stripper and gym bunny from New York. There’s an interview and the guys get to know each other.

It’s worth listening to the interview as you really start to get a feel for the characters and some chemistry develops. Aaron is playing it tough and cool while Liam sounds more nervous and excited. Mind you, with Aaron’s fit and muscled body hulking next to you you’re going to be a bit nervous. Aaron makes to clear that he is the top in this scene, and that’s fine by Liam who is practically drooling at the thought of what’s to come.

It’s not long before the guys are getting themselves hard in their pants, and then before you know it, we’ve cut to Liam giving Aaron a blow job which the straight guys seems to be enjoying, a lot. He’s shaved his cock for the occasion which looks really sexy, and so has Liam. He’s also, by the look of it, done his research ‘cos when he goes down on Liam he seems to know exactly what he is doing. Our gay bottom guy sounds like he is really getting off on the straight man now sucking his cock.

And Aaron’s reward for being such a good cock sucker is to do what he wants with Liam’s ass. He starts off with him bent over the sofa and Liam gasping appreciatively as the straight man fucks his ass, first doggy style and then on his back. The straight guy’s shaved cock meets the bottom boy’s shaved ass as Liam plays with himself and his hole gets drilled by the muscled man. And then there’s a bonus.

Aaron the straight guy gets his ass fucked, for the first time, by versatile Liam. He’s a bit red in the face and not too sure what to make of it, but Aaron takes as good as he was giving, hard and deep until the guys cum, one after the other, over Aaron’s smooth body. It’s a great little bonus to an already hot scene, as this extras ‘fuck the straight man’ sequence makes Aaron’s First Time around five minutes longer than the average scene from Str8 To Gay. watch more gay pornstars tube videos at http://gaypornstarstube.xxx/