We are heading off into the dangerous world of military fantasy in The Bunker, the latest scene from Drill My Hole. In this sizzler we find bodybuilder Leo Giamani in full army gear with Logan Vaughn, also playing a military role. The sound of distant gunfire rings out in the background as we start off at a camouflaged bunker and hear the guys before we see them. It’s a tense set up as the guys are desperate; ‘we’re gunna die out here,’ Says Logan, who is clearly feeling the tension. But then, if this could be your last night on earth what are you gunna do? I mean when you are holed up in a bunker, in the dark, and the only person you’ve got for comfort is hugely muscled Leo, there is surely only one thing you can do.

The guys soon start making the most of their final hour, with some slow and long, almost passionate kissing. Leo Giamani gets his top off and we get to see his huge muscles and his big tattoos. Both guys get topless and squeeze each other’s asses through their army pants. And then the belts come off and Leo wastes no time in going down on Logan’s hard cock. He’s shaved as well, and much slimmer than Leo which gives him a kind of younger appearance, there’s defiantly a feel of older/younger in this scene, though the guys are probably around the same age. There’s a feel of ‘bigger and smaller’ for sure with Leo being 215 pounds and the larger of the two guys, even if he’s slightly shorter.

And so the action moves on with each guy blowing each other’s hard cocks, in the dark, in the bunker, each smooth-skinned and each with his own tats and muscles to show. Two army guys for sure, this fantasy is really playing out as we like it. And it gets better when they start on the hardcore. Leo bends Logan over and starts to pump his ass with his dick. There’s this great sight of smooth white ass and huge muscled thighs behind it, with tanned Leo humping his soldier buddy over the sandbags.

The fuck scene starts early on and runs for a great length of time; these guys have stamina, and all the time it is Logan’s ass that tales the pounding. He can take it for ages it seems, and Leo makes the most of his buddy’s butt until finally, after over 20 minutes of military hardcore, the guys let fly their jizz and all comes to a happy, sticky end.

Definitely a scene for all military fans, everyone who loves bodybuilders in action and anyone who simply likes well-made hardcore.