has launched another outstanding hot series “Suite 33” and we have the opportunity to be in on it as one of the first viewers. Its starts off with the view of a camera and quickly flashes into the main scene focussing on sex. With a twist to it, it is not your average wham-bam and its over scene. Its theme is centred around Gods Of Men and resembles a movie theatre, motion picture with some music in it. It features two hot looking men with brilliant chemistry between them. The production standards are high and the camera work was a piece of art.

Topher Di Maggio starts it off by indicating that there are some memories not to be forgotten within those four walls every time he thinks of suite 33. Topher who is dark with black hair then walks towards the bed and reveals his object of desire lying on the bed, Johnny Rapid. He is one muscled good looking guy. Both men in their black underwear reach out for each other and this is the first turn on of the scene. Johnny allows Topher to explore his hot body as things get heated up.

In terms of size, build and passion, these two are at par. Despite this, they will manage to get you horny considering that one has a fine smooth body while the other provides contrast to this with a hairy sexy body. As things get heated up, Topher reaches out for Johnny’s fine smooth ass and opens it up for the real deal. He is determined to satisfy what every guy’s ass would be craving for. Slowly and with passion, Topher takes on his eight and half inches and goes into his mates ever so willing ass. With a slow and seductive start, the heat is heightened and it gets wild. They fuck doggy style and as they try on the missionary, we get to see hard dick being jerked.

While on his back, Johnny Rapid gets fucked until he cums. Topher follows suit and as he jerks his own cock, he splatters his jizz all over the place. With both of them satisfied, they make out and Topher turns to us with a promise of more yet to come. One could not figure out the suite as it looked expensive looking at the sheets but the half painted walls said otherwise. With the curiosity of what the suite is all about, the next scene is definitely a must watch.